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current location: HOME > NEWS CENTER > Textiles for safety protection are listed as national key development areas

Ministry of national development and Reform Commission and the State Administration of quality inspection in recent years jointly issued the "industrial textiles" 12th Five-Year "development planning", in order to study the application of high performance fiber and textile technology for safety protection, leading to high value-added and rigid demand characteristics of textiles is listed as one of the key development areas and products, has become an important force bearing industry development and strategy of textile. In the second session of Chinese (Shanghai) international labor protection and safety equipment exhibition, by the "Chinese Textile News" with "individual protection" in flame retardant fields of new technology and new trend of "forum" activities, in-depth exchanges on the domestic and foreign new flame retardant technology and products, and with the industry and downstream enterprises to jointly explore the development trend the flame retardant individual protection field. Here we will bring you a taste of the 8 experts at the forum to bring a gluttonous feast.

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