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In order to expand the industrial textiles in the promotion and application of the security industry in June 17th, by Chinese Textile Industry Association, the Ministry of science and technology development, China industrial textiles industry association and the light of textile science and Technology Education Foundation jointly organized the "light of textile" safety protection for textile technology and Application of the key results of the site promotion activities held in Xi'an. Chinese Textile Industry Federation of light science and technology education fund vice president and secretary general, textile association Gao Yong, science and technology education fund zhongfanglian deputy secretary general, director of the Ministry of science and technology development, the Textile Association vice president Peng Yanli, President of China Industrial Textile Association, Li Ling Shen, Yao Mu Chinese academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, the Quartermaster Institute of Engineering Professor Shi Meiwu and other leaders, experts, and security industry enterprises, textile enterprises, universities, scientific research institutions and technical management staff more than 200 people attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Zheng Junlin, vice president of China Industrial Textiles Association, and the experts introduced the key technologies and applications of textile safety protection in recent years.

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