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  • Dongguan Hangxing Knitting Machinery Co. Ltd.
  • Email :amylzq@dghangxing.com
  • Mob : 13925889881
  • Mob/Wechat/Whatsapp: +8613798857217

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Dongguan Hangxing Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, is a research and development, with a focus on special computer knitting machinery production and marketing enterprises. The company has a research in mechanical design, mechanical and electrical integration, application materials, textile process design etc. many years of professional technical team, adhering to the "pursuit of excellence, creating value for customers" purposes, through continuous learning, accumulation, innovation, application, has formed a line circular knitting machine series, jacquard series of conventional line special, high-end jacquard series three categories, hundreds of models, covering the market for high-end products in the industry, and the leading products with independent intellectual property rights system, but also the domestic knitting machinery industry leading technology and have one of the absolutely continuous innovation ability of enterprises.
At present, our company has mastered the special computer knitting machine especially a number of core technology transfer line machine, jacquard machine, which set professional director, focus on the development of vertical rotating head, head suspension discoloration discoloration needle selecting device, standard pressure regulating knob is applied to adjust the needle line and jacquard circular knitting machine and innovative technology, has been made a number of national patents, two international patents. As of the end of 2015, the company has 11 domestic patents, international patent of the 1, is applying for domestic patents of 3, one of which is common to all patents with Dongguan University of Technology. Now the company is relying on existing patents and technology to actively apply for national high-tech enterprise projects, patent research and development costs have been partially funded by government funds.
The company since its inception, through continuous technological innovation, established the leading position in technology and its performance in the industry growing at the same time, also won the "Dongguan city to promote small and micro enterprises in the industrial development fund" and "the growth of small and medium sized enterprises in Dongguan city in 2015 the reward fund" support, Dongguan municipal government and the key support science and technology enterprises.

Our company adhere to the "pursuit of excellence, creating value for customers" purposes, with the objective of sustainable development, Sailstar machinery sold throughout the country, and have been exported to Southeast Asia, South Korea, South America, Europe and Middle East countries. Sailstar machinery sincerely welcome customers to visit and negotiate business, we sincerely hope to provide quality products and excellent service for you, to create value for you to create a win-win situation!
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